The benefits of clinical research

Clinical research is a scientific study conducted on humans to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a diagnostic method, treatment, medical device or patient management method. What are the benefits of clinical research? Zoom in on the benefits of clinical research in this article.

Availability of new treatments to the community

Clinical research is about making better diagnoses and improving the treatment of conditions. As an essential tool in healthcare, clinical research provides solutions and treatments that save lives every year. It is vital to the health and well-being of society as a whole. Find out more about MplusM Research Networks, a network of clinical research sites with sponsors who offer clinical trials. The availability of new drugs allows for improved treatments, which broadens the range of treatments available. New diagnostic methods make it possible to better detect diseases and prevent complications. All this will help to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. These medicines will be put on the market after extensive studies on their safety.

Patient benefits from new treatment

Clinical trials offer many benefits, both to the patient and to the community. For example, patients have access to a new drug or treatment, under the best safety conditions, several years before it is eventually marketed. This is particularly important for rare diseases that often have no or few treatments, and that are sometimes ineffective or poorly tolerated. Clinical research therefore gives patients the opportunity to benefit from new treatments.

Comprehensive and free care for patients

Clinical research or also known as clinical trials are conducted to test the efficacy, tolerance and safety of a new treatment. Indeed, French regulations stipulate that the sponsor of a clinical research study must donate the experimental drugs. Thus the sponsor pays for all additional costs related to this research, such as additional examinations. Even transport costs are sometimes covered. On the other hand, it should be noted that by participating in the research, people benefit from several advantages. These include more regular and sometimes more comprehensive follow-up examinations, which may contribute to a significant improvement in their care.