Amateur Astronomy: 3 steps to become a PRO

Maybe you dream of observing the rings of Saturn? You want to get into the wonderful world of amateur astronomy! The problem is that you may not know where to start. Where to start? In this article, we present you some steps that will allow you to start astronomy simply. Then to evolve little by little until you become a confirmed amateur astronomer.

1- Contemplate the night sky

First of all, starting to look up at the sky in the evening and observe the stars is already practicing amateur astronomy!

This is surely something you can already do, if you are interested in astronomy. Without really thinking about it. So you can read the technology blog Starlight Blog to understand everything

Curiosity, and the desire to discover the Universe, is what drives this practice. If the stars really fascinate you, then you are already well on your way. On those, I think there is no need for more explanation on this step, let’s go to the next one.

2- Learn to find your way around the sky

No matter what path you choose to become an amateur astronomer, this step is the next one you see. It is a very important step. At this stage you don’t need any instrument, just your eyes. I reassure you that at this stage, you do not need to know the sky like the back of your hand. Just a few points to know such as: how to know and spot the brightest stars, understand the basics of celestial mechanics, know how to differentiate planets from stars? Here, you only need to know the most important stars and constellations. And above all be able to locate them in the night sky. Are you done? Then let’s move on!

3- The amateur astronomer’s favorite equipment

You’ve been waiting for it impatiently, here is finally the step of buying an astronomical telescope, that is to say the telescope!

You already know how to spot with the naked eye, now it’s the best time to switch to a telescope.

Here, the first task you will have to accomplish is to choose a telescope. You don’t need to spend a lot to start, but just the minimum to get good quality.

The goal is to see if you really like amateur astronomy. It’s best to start with something simple and versatile. Once you find the right telescope for you, you can take the next step to becoming an amateur astronomer.

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